Position title
Freelance Recruitment Agent

Job Purpose:

  1. To find potential candidates for every NCGOC vacant position as posted in NCGOC website (https://newchangegroup.com/job-dashboard/);
  2. To conduct initial assessment based to the minimum job qualification;
  3. To endorse the potential candidate to NCGOC;
  4. When the client employs the endorsed candidate, the registered Recruitment Agent receives the 5% commission.
  5. This is work from home.

Computation of 5% Commission for Recruitment:

  • For one vacant position with a monthly salary pf PHP 200k, the annual salary is 2.6M. If the mark-up is 15% of the annual income, the invoice amount is 390k. Therefore, the 5% commission for this position is PHP 19,500, an easy money. If 5 positions were filled up, you can expect a commission of PHP 97,500.
  • Some companies compute the annual income as 13 times the monthly basic salary. Others compute 12 times.
  • Mark-up varies from company to company. Some pays 12%, 15%, 18% to 20%.
  • The timing of payment of commission is with one (1) month of the candidate's employment or as soon as the client pays.

List of Job Vacancies: Visit the NCGOC website, https://newchangegroup.com/job-dashboard/.



  1. The Recruitment Agent searches potential candidates and reviews the their CVs, according to the job description and job qualifications.
  2. If found qualified, he forwards the documents to NCGOC email, cv@newchangegroup.com.
  3. NCGOC conducts the final assessment.
  4. NCGOC endorses the candidate to the client, if found qualified.
  5. For all the developments, NCGOC will update the Recruitment Agent.

Job Qualifications:

  1. Extensive experience in local, international recruitment, or in executive search
  2. With a wide network of contacts, in all fields, including Oil & Gas
  3. Skilled in assessing the application based on the minimum job qualifications
  4. Reply on the following inquiries:


  1. Years of experience in executive search
  2. Years of experience in local recruitment
  3. Years of experience in international recruitment
  4. Years of experience in technical recruitment
  5. Years of experience in non-technical recruitment
  6. Source of network of contacts
  7. Do you have skills in CV assessment?
  8. Are you currently a Recruitment Agent in another company?
  9. Will you be a Recruitment Agent in another company after joining NCGOC?
  10. Do you understand the 5% commission and how much it will be?
Employment Type
Home-based freelance
Beginning of employment
Upon receipt of your Certificate of Registration
Duration of employment
Recruitment and Placement
Job Location
Remote work possible
Working Hours
Date posted
June 25, 2020
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Position: Freelance Recruitment Agent

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